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6 magazines for Russian printing and packaging industries

KURSIV - technological and analytical media for general printers (offset). The only magazine in the printing industry which runs its own tests and experimental printing works.

FLEXO PLUS - the only Russian magazine for label and package printers. Main topic is the technology of special printing processes: flexo, gravure, letterpress, screen, tampon etc.

PACKAGING INTERNATIONAL - the first international packaging magazine in Russia.

GART - Russian printing market news and analysis magazine. Audience consists of the top managers of all Russian printing houses. GART mailing list is unique. It is well established and audited database consists of almost all graphic arts industry top managers. The database is constantly refreshed. From time to time GART publishes questionairies which help to actualise the information about subscribers and to get information about all the changes in the branch.

GART digital - the only Russian media on digital technologies in printing. Digital technologies in graphic arts. Digital printing, equipment, applications and case studies. Also computer-to-plate and digital imaging technologies. Interviews to digital printers and their clients. Distributed by direct mail using GART database. Today we send the magazine to about 4200 adresses.

FORMAT - first Russian magazine for print buyers.


  • 1996 - 1st issue of Kursiv magazine
  • 1997 - 1st issue of Flexo Plus magazine
  • 1998 - Kursiv Publishing House and Moscow State University of Printing have
    established Russian non-commercial Association of Flexography (Russian FTA)
  • 1999 - 1st issue of Packet magazine
  • 2000 - 1st issue of GART magazine
  • 2002 - 1st issue of GART digital
  • 2002 - Kursiv Publishing House has established Russian Association of Digital Printing
  • 2004 - 1st issue of Format magazine

Kursiv the the largest publishing house in Russia issuing specialised magazines for printing and packaging industries. Please see Contact Us page for more information.

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