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Format 2
March, 2024

Please, notice that Russian Version of this web-site contains much more information including details on each magazine published by Kursiv Publishers and fine selection of articles from every issue of Kursiv Magazine.

So, if by any chance it happened that you understand Russian language, we highly recommend you to take a look at this version of the web-site...

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Format magazine

Format is the new magazine published by Kursiv Publishing House since April 2004. With 9 issues per year Format magazine targets corporate marketing managers and general print buyers. Each issue of Format magazine helps reader to find essential information about graphic arts industry: basic knowledge of printing technologies, information on leading players on Russian advertising, design and printing markets, standard prices and costs of different kinds of printing and packaging products. Main focus of Format publication is to explain to the audience printing processes as whole from the moment when design conception is conceived to the final stages when the printed product is wrapped up and delivered to customer. Using this information, readers can get better understanding of technologies using to carry out his order and will be able to choose a superior offer.

Schedule of issuing

FORMAT magazine is issuing 9 times a year:

No 1 - January-February
No 2 - March
No 3 - April
No 4 - May
No 5 - June-July
No 6 - August
No 7 - September
No 8 - October
No 9 - November-December

Editor-in-Chief: Alexander Amangeldiev
Associate Editor: Irina Kolpakova


FORMAT is distributed free of charge by direct mailing to the print buyers and the customers of printing houses in Moscow and St. Petersburg regions. Special database consists of more than 6,000 recipients. The magazine is distributed also at main printing exhibitions in Russia.

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