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February, 2024

Please, notice that Russian Version of this web-site contains much more information including details on each magazine published by Kursiv Publishers and fine selection of articles from every issue of Kursiv Magazine.

So, if by any chance it happened that you understand Russian language, we highly recommend you to take a look at this version of the web-site...

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The concept

Russian professional magazine Flexo Plus is focused, as its name implies, on flexography and special printing processes used in package and label production, decoration etc. The market of package and label printing is growing very fast in Russia during recent years. Flexography, gravure, screen and tampon printing are very popular printing processes in Russia now. There is a great demand for technological knowledge and technocal & marketing news in this area. Now Flexo Plus is the only media in Russia meets this demand.

Main Topics

Flexo Plus publishes reviews and articles on Russian and world marketing research, on trends and their analysis, on new technologies and equipment in flexo, gravure, screen and tampon printing. The articles published in Flexo Plus magazine are based on Russian and international experience. The authorship consists of wordwide known industry experts and Russian professionals in this packaging and label printing. Flexo Plus magazine takes part in the main packaging exibitions in Russia and abroad.

Schedule of issuing

Flexo Plus magazine is bi-monthly publication (6 issues a year). Many of issues are devoted to main Russian industry exhibitions and are distributed at these shows - additionally to usual ways of distribution.

Issuing in 2005:

No 1 - February
No 2 - April
No 3 - June
No 4 - August
No 5 - October
No 6 - December


Flexo Plus magazine is distributed mainly in Russia, CIS & Baltic countries. Subscription is based on national press subscription systems of Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan. A lot of retail sales are made through suppliers of flexo materials. About 200 copies are delivered specially for professors and students of Moscow University of Printing and its affiliates. The magazine is distributed at main printing and packaging exhibitions in Russia and CIS.


Readership consists of technical experts, top managers and marketing personnel of almost all Russian and CIS label and package printing companies - as well as experts involved in equipment and materials supplying business.

These companies advertise in Flexo Plus magazine:

AveryDennison, Barco, BASF, Bobst, Cerutti, Comco, CMR,
DuPont, Edale, Gallus, Mark Andy, Windmoeller&Hoelsher etc.

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