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Packaging International/Packet
5-6 2011

Please, notice that Russian Version of this web-site contains much more information including details on each magazine published by Kursiv Publishers and fine selection of articles from every issue of Kursiv Magazine.

So, if by any chance it happened that you understand Russian language, we highly recommend you to take a look at this version of the web-site...

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Since April 2005 well-known in Russia PACKET magazine is issued together with Packaging International magazine (Austria). Series of Packaging magazines is published by Europian Media Group in Austria, Poland, Chech Republic, Hungary in the languages of their nations. Now Russian readers through this popular magazine become closer to the European packaging market. Besides we keep in the new joint issue all the best from the contents of PACKET magazine - Russian expert's articles about packaging technologies, materials and designs, actual interviews and market reviews. The MAIN GOAL of this magazine is to provide Russian goods manufacturers with information on packaging and packing. Russia has the richest resources in different industries (food, beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetic etc) which are required competitive quality package.

Main topics

Main topics of the magazine: packaging technology, equipment and materials, labels and labeling, package and label design, recycling and environment, main industry exhibitions reviews and market researches.

The Audience

The Audience: consists of consumer goods producers, packaging equipment & materials manufacturers and users.

Schedule of issuing

No 1 - February
No 2 - April
No 3 - June
No 4 - August
No 5 - October
No 6 - December


Russia, CIS & Baltic countries. Subscription and free mailing to Russian packaging companies. In addition to subscription, sales and distribution at the main professional exhibitions. Packaging International/PACKET is mailing free of charge to packaging customers - a consumer goods manufacturers.

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