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FlexoPlus 3
June, 2024

Please, notice that Russian Version of this web-site contains much more information including details on each magazine published by Kursiv Publishers and fine selection of articles from every issue of FlexoPlus Magazine.

So, if by any chance it happened that you understand Russian language, we highly recommend you to take a look at this version of the web-site...

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Russian FTA Non-commercial organization promoting flexo in Russia

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President of Association:
Nina V. Shapinova,
dipl. engineer,
Editor of Flexo Plus
Russian non-commercial Association of Flexography (Russian FTA)

Established in 1998, Moscow. Founded by: Moscow University of Printing, Kursiv Publishing House.

Now (2003) unites about 40 enterprises, including:

  • flexo package and label printing houses;
  • wallpaper producers;
  • printing equipment and materials suppliers.

Main goals:

  • promotion of flexography;
  • increase compatibility of Russian packaging;
  • development of Russian package printing market.

The activites of Russian Association of Flexography:

  • technical conferences and practical seminars on flexo technology;
  • consulting on flexography;
  • technical information on new developments in flexography;
  • organization of training courses on flexo techniques and technology in Russia and abroad:
  • establishing and development of cooperation with FTA, EFTA, DFTA and other
    national and international associations;
  • publishing of special literature and reference books on flexography;
  • establishing of training center in Russia.


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